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BMF customers represent a wide array of industries, each representing its own unique requirements and challenges. Several current industries we serve demand safety-critical precision and quality, which BMF has been able to achieve. 

Image of a manufacturing factory
Giant steel cylinder on the floor

Steel Production

Automatic gauge/ width control cylinders, continuous casting cylinders, roll balancing cylinders, roll bending cylinders, ladle lifting cylinders

Image of a mining truck in a quarry
Mining cylinders on the floor post production


Base lift cylinders, leg jack cylinders, tip cylinders, bucket cylinders, steering cylinders, boom cylinders, cone crusher tamping tramp release and clamp cylinders

Bobcat skidsteer on rubble
construction equipment cylinders post production


Bucket cylinders, boom cylinders, outrigger cylinders, lift cylinders, telescopic cylinders, steering cylinders, blade cylinders

Giant grapple crushing a car
Cylinders for scrap grapples ready to be packed for

Metal Recycling

Shear cylinders, grapple cylinders, pin puller & shredder cylinders, baler cylinders, car logger ram cylinders, lid cylinders

Image of a giant dam with water gushing out of it
Base of a custom requested cylinder

Civil Engineering

Heavy-duty welded cylinders, bridge lifting cylinders, spillway & intake cylinders, gate cylinders, large bore cylinders

Image of a tractor working in an open field
Two green cylinders for agricultural machine


Combine cylinders, harvester cylinders, top link cylinders, standard mobile cylinders

cylinders for waste trucks
Image of a waste truck collecting garbage

Waste Management

Baler cylinders, grabber cylinders, lift cylinders, compactor cylinders, waste truck cylinders, tarping cylinders

Image of a ship at sea with shipping containers on it
red material handling cylinders

Material Handling

Port equipment, container loaders, forklift cylinders, lift cylinders, tilt cylinders, reach cylinders

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