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Cylinder design



BMF’s team of certified mechanical and hydraulic engineers can work with our customers to design their hydraulic solution based on drawings, product samples, or specific applications.  We can recommend material and design specifications to increase reliability, lengthen working lifetime, and reduce costs. 

Hydraulic system solutions


In addition to hydraulic actuators, BMF also provides customers with entire hydraulic system solutions. We manufacture a range of custom hydraulic power units, tanks, and valve manifolds. We are able to source a number of large brand name hydraulic components and assemble whole hydraulic systems in our in-house assembly shop.

Hydraulic cyilnder repair



We supply large international OEMs a reliable and cost-effective way to refurbish and repair cylinders for their Asian markets. BMF Hydraulics offers a complete product teardown and rebuild, from initial diagnostics and component replacement to re-boring cylinders and rod chrome re-plating.

BMF Hydraulics logistics



As we ship product across the globe we are able to handle customers' shipping and logistic needs from our factory door to your door.  We custom build specific packaging and solutions to protect cylinders throughout shipment.  In addition we can offer our customers customized inventory solutions to help manage your supply chain.

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