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General Cylinder Types

Welded, Bolted, Tie-rod, Differential/ Non-differential, Single/ Double acting, Telescopic, Ram-type

Bore Diameter Range

0.6" ~ 47" (16mm ~ 1200") 

Max Stroke

40' (12m)

Working Pressure Range

Up to 5,000 psi (34 MPa)

Cylinder Materials

Aluminum, Stainless steel, Specialty materials upon request

Mounting options

Trunnion, Spherical bearing, Flange, Foot mounts, Side lugs, Cap eye or per customer specification

Seal options

Corrosive resistant, Specialty materials, Large OEM brand seals such as Parker, SKF, Hunger, etc., or per customer specification

Additional Accessory options

Digital sensing and feedback, Cushioning accessories

Specialty applications

Corrosive environment, Extreme (high/ low) temperature environments, High velocity/ Impact resistant, Oil & Gas applications, 

Steel production, Large civil engineering applications, Mining & Construction applications

BMF Hydraulics manufacturing capabilities


We also stand behind the quality of our work as our cylinders can be found in numerous demanding industries ranging from steel production to gas oil exploration. We implement rigorous testing and continuous quality control of our operations and back our products with performance warranties. ​No matter how big the project or adverse application, BMF Hydraulics Africa is up to the challenge.

If you are looking for a specific cylinder for your machine please send us an inquiry and we'll connect with you

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