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BMF Hydraulics serves a vast array of industries and builds customized hydraulic cylinders for numerous applications. Our engineers and design staff have decades of experience in developing and producing cylinders that are used in most demanding of environments. We understand that no two cylinder applications are the same, and we spend time with our customers to understand the function, stresses, and lifecycle requirements or all our products. 

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In an industry that requires the most cutting edge hydraulic actuators at the most cutting edge competitive prices, we have experience producing both large and small mobile cylinders with clients from around the globe.  BMF Hydraulics is able to work with differing standards, exacting precision, and highest of quality standards.   From customized telescoping cylinders to the incorporation of the most advance digital sensing and feedback technology, we have the experience to get the job done.




Waste management and scrap processing industries are punishing environments for hydraulic equipment and cylinders. From metal contamination to extreme side loading, hydraulic cylinders face their toughest at scrap processing facilities. BMF Hydraulics understands the demands that are placed on your equipment and use our scrap specific industry experience to design and manufacture heavy duty cylinders to improve your equipment uptime and reduce your bottom line. 



From the smallest yard mower to the largest hundred-horsepower tractor Brantingham Hydraulics has the experience and capability to custom manufacture your hydraulic cylinders.  Modern-day OEMs seek the most economical and reliable suppliers to support their manufacturing operations.  BMF has over 20 years of experience producing competitively priced, yet reliable cylinders that can reduce user downtime, reduce your bottom line, and increase your product’s value.

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BMF Hydraulics has a long history producing cylinders for the coal and aggregate mining sector. In an industry where dust, rocks, and vibration are all concerns we ensure that our rugged cylinders are up to the task. We can work with customers to develop specialty material rods and use long-lasting seals that extend the lifecycle of our cylinders used in even the harshest of environments. 

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Waste management applications include mobile, collection truck cylinders to large industrial waste compacter cylinders.  BMF is able to customize size, pressure rating and mounting options to fit your exact needs.  We also offer a full range of surface finishes including powder coating, wet painting, and specialty finishes.

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